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Pre-Construction Homes in Barrie, Ontario

There are tons of options when you look for homes for sale in Barrie Ontario. But, is Barri’s real estate really on the rise? The data shows it’s one of the buzzing housing markets in the province. According to Zolo, the average house price in Barrie is $772,156 as of April 2024 which is significantly lower than Toronto’s average house prices. So if you’re planning to move out of GTA then Barrie sounds like the right option. And get this – by 2031, they’re planning to boost the population to 210,000 and create thousands of jobs. That’s no small feat!

Barrie’s growing housing market gives a variety of alternatives for investors and homebuyers alike.
The city’s strategic growth plan focuses on creating an ideal housing environment for the expected population surge in the next decade.
Barrie is now having a highly improved transportation infrastructure. It includes the GO Train which complements connectivity to the Greater Toronto Area.
Commuting from Barrie to downtown Toronto is becoming more convenient and it’s contributing to the city’s growth and appeal. So commuting and transportation isn’t a concern if you are considering homes for sale in Barrie Ontario.

Barrie is a city located in central Ontario within Simcoe County. The city offers a high quality of life, an affordable cost of living, and a thriving financial system. Barrie has got some serious network – we’re talking Ontario Highway 400 and GO Transit linking it to the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The city’s economy is as diverse as it gets. We’ve got education, healthcare, IT, and manufacturing all playing significant roles in keeping things buzzing around here.

Its waterfront place gives scenic perspectives and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities. The city’s population is rapidly growing every year and this has caused a sturdy demand for pre construction homes Barrie. The demand for rental properties is also growing which makes Barrie real estate a remarkable place to make investments.

There are many Barrie homes for sale available on the market. The best way to find investment homes is to hire a reliable real estate agent who specializes in investment properties. A specialist could be capable of helping you locate properties that fit your criteria. They can negotiate an excellent deal and offer guidance all through the process.

What are the benefits of choosing Barrie for your home investment? Is it better than cities like London or Hamilton? Here are some of the benefits of purchasing pre construction homes Barrie and moving there.


Builders often sweeten pre-construction home deals with enticing incentives. It could be free upgrades or that fancy appliance package you’ve been eyeing. These extras add serious value so don’t forget to ask what’s on the table.

Urban Growth Centre

The city has a Downtown Barrie Urban Growth Centre which includes the Centreville district bordering on the historical Allandale area. This site will be developed to accommodate high-density growth with the intent to sustain development in the future.

That is true, you know – location is still everything today as it used to be in the past. Accommodation right near the commercial core, at Barrie’s Growth Centre is the place of choice. Whether you are after stylish restaurants, art and culture niches or simply wish to call this neighborhood your home, this time is ideal to consider homes for sale in Barrie Ontario.

Best Transportation Options

Overall, transportation has a great impact on various sectors of the Barrie economy. In preconstruction projects, the proximity to major highways is a defining factor. Barrie has convenient access to highways like HWY 400 and HWY 401. It also has Go Transit which easily connects you to the big city life of Toronto. Barrie’s transit system makes public transportation even more handy making traveling across the town a breeze. Whether you are driving a car by yourself or riding in the train or bus, Barrie is ready to facilitate such an experience.

Cost of Living in Barrie

Will you be spending all your income on household? Is there any room for savings in Barrie if you have a decent job? According to Zumper, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Barrie is $1,800 and for a two-bedroom it’s $2,000. You aren’t going to pay this much rent if you purchase Barrie homes for sale. Barrie is a budget-friendly gem. Not only can you skip the hefty rental prices by investing in a pre-construction home, but you’ll also save big on everyday essentials like groceries.

Exciting Amenities

Barrie’s amenity game is on point. Park Place and Georgian Mall? Shopping bliss. Sunnidale Park and the waterfront? Outdoor paradise. And the Georgian Theatre and MacLaren Art Centre? Cultural hotspots that’ll make your artsy heart sing. No matter your vibe, Barrie’s got the goods to keep you entertained and living your best life.

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