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Welcome to Condos2home, where your dream home awaits! Our team is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional buying experience from start to finish. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Discover how we make the buying process seamless and enjoyable for our clients.

Our Process

01. Your Buyer's Checklist

We start you off with a buyer’s checklist to get a clear picture of what you really want before we look at open houses and set up viewings. This will save you time and money by helping us find the best matching properties and by enabling you to be more specific about what you’re looking for. You can go through the key elements you should think about before making a purchase, such as features, location, and budget, with our buyer’s checklist.

02. The Mortgage Pre-approval

While obtaining a mortgage pre-approval is not strictly required before beginning your home search, we highly advise it. You’ll know exactly what kind of home you can afford if you have a mortgage pre-approval, and sellers will consider your offer more seriously. To assist you in getting ready for the procedure, our buyer’s guide breaks down the key components of the mortgage application.

03. Our Property Search

We examine age, roof, windows, water damage, HVAC systems, electrical, and other features of a property to ensure you are fully informed before making any decisions about it. We’ve handled thousands of South Georgian Bay real estate transactions, so we know exactly what to look for to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

04. An Educated Offer

We take into account every aspect when crafting your proposal, such as the seller’s incentives to make a competitive offer, the listing agent’s unique style, and the state of the “market.” Your best interest will always be our first priority as we guide you through buyer vs. seller “markets,” situations involving one or more offers, and every other stage of the procedure.

05. Next-level Negotiations

Being a “tough” negotiator is not the only thing that makes a negotiation successful. To get you the best deal on your house, we employ clear communication, careful listening, and thorough research. We take the same approach to creating your offer as we do to negotiating: we make sure to gather as much information as possible about the circumstances in order to craft a sensible, well-informed strategy that is backed by 130 years of real estate experience.


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